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For daily shipping operations
Job No.: work income statement / profit and loss account bills of lading,
all electronic file backup system
Bill of Lading: Booking, bill of lading, feeding, manifest
AWB: Air Waybill, Master Bill of Lading, Direct bill of lading, AMS system support Analysis reports up to 50
1. multi-purpose job number, ready for your business expansion.
Completely free to set your document number and different types of work can also be used, Help different business change.
2. interface simple to use, billing, high speed and flexibility. Our design staff personally visit the user and department heads, designed for the logistics industry in Hong Kong-style design, high variability and flexibility.
3. small variety of special purpose functions, change orders do not upset. Special gadget for sudden changes when the error method, even if the typhoon transfer schedules, repeat customers, working to open the wrong number there are Nuisance fear.
4. quick accounting system, Internet connection, data one Take off!
By posting an automatic spin-off, quick closeout, efficient and convenient, Accounting has never been so easy before.
• Another variety of systems and
services industry
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MyLogistic Function Lists
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 Assign authority right to Group
User Permission Control
Container Type
Multi Currency
Payment Terms
System no format
Support Group Billing Statement
KC / RA No Control
Credit Limit Control
Shift Customer Control
Sea / Air Port Control
Chargeable, Sales & Cost COA Control
 Job Sheet Control
Attachment files to Job Sheet
Vessel Control
Sea Booking
Ebooking Form
Load Plan
Bill Of Lading (Sea Import / Export)
Sea Instruction
Export data to AMS
Update Container for Console B/L
Sea Import Documents
Manifest Control
Full Set Documents Control
Sea Operation Reports
 Job Sheet Control
Attachment files to Job Sheet
MAWB Stock Control
Air Booking
Ebooking Form
Neutral AWB/L / HBL Control
Air Instruction
Export data to ISSAC
Manifest Control
Air Operation Reports
 Job Sheet Control
Attachment files to Job Sheet
Trucking Report
 Default Chargeable Items Control
Sales Invoice
Instant Settlement
Cost Sheet Control
Post / Unpost to Account
P-Cost Control
Query Billing Lists
Query Estimate House BL P/L
Billing Reports
 COA Control
B S / Income Statement Control
AR / AP Openning Control
AR / AP Settlement Control
Bank Rec Control
Post / Unpost year-end Control
Prepaid / Deposit Control
Account Reports
Data Analysis Reports
 Web Tacking Control